Here are some of My personal items available.  To order:

1. If you wish to purchase something you will need to Email me at to make arrangements for payment.

2. Email me at to indicate which items you would like.

Items for Sale:

1. Used Lipstick & lipgloss: A suitable item for any aspiring or active sissy. Colours available include pink, nude, and dark red.  $15

2. Old & Worn Pantyhose/Stockings: Ripped and tattered, or slightly to heavily soiled with My sweat & perfume from wear.  $20 a pair. If you have a specific request, such as colour or texture, the tribute is 50 dollars for My time & selecting of the item.

3. Used Underwear/Pantie: 50/pair. My worn, scented, and possibly soiled underwear.

4. Chewed up bubble gum: $10. Chewed up by Me for you to relish over.

5. Toe & finger nail clippings: $15

6. Worn, Old High Heels: $50 a pair. My heels, worn out and tread upon, by Me, for you to cherish.

7. Old gym/knee high socks: $10 for My sweaty gym socks, $15 for My old knee high socks.

8. Grab bag-$50 Whatever could this contain? A mystery worth the wait.

9. You can get a signed copy (for $25) of Mara Mayhem's Spread in Hustler's Taboo Magazine November 2011 issue.